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27 Apr 2018

TaquinAdventure – play with your photos !

This is my second mobile application.

My new challenge was to learn Nativescript with Angular framework to build a complete mobile application. This is done ! I can check it on my “list of things to do before…… go to holidays !!”

The project architecture is similar to a basic web application based on angular framework. But the key thing to know is that your project is compiled in native code (for IOS or Android)

  • I used Angular 5 with Typescript for the backend (Model/Controller part of the architecture).
  • The View part is coded with a Markup language specific to Nativescript. I found the syntax of this Markup very close to Xamarin framework so I was not disappointed. With Nativescript you have another great feature : you can manage your style with CSS. That so great !!! We don’t have all functionality of the CSS3 specification but the ones we have are enough to make a lot of thing like animations: for example: you can use @Keyframe rule in CSS.
  • I have begun to explore hardware functionalities : I use the camera to take and crop photos.

It seems there are more third party components than with Xamarin so I had a better feeling with Nativescript framework.

This project is for me a great opportunity to develop skills with Angular framework.

The game is available in the AppStore. Click on the logo to download it. let’s go it’s free !

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